Monday, November 23, 2009


No pics from the long run yesterday:(. Oh still was fabulous. A group of us (Jane, Jess, Maddy, Staci, Micky, and I) headed up to Greenland openspace for an 8.4 mile lollipop loop. A gorgeous place where you feel out in the middle of no where...rolling hills, train tracks, views for miles. Greenland is a usually muddy/windy mess, but on this day, it was pleasant and very much a joy.

Afterward, we headed to our once-upon-a-time weekly breakfast stop, The Egg & I. A tasty warm meal and great conversation ended our Sunday morning outing with a smile on everyone's faces. Props to Maddy for her tackling her first Greenland loop...keep it up studly.

Last night CPY put on a free Carnival Event. It was an absolute blast! They combined all of the classes they offer (hot, hot fusion, power, sculpt, bootcamp) into one 75 min class. The room was packed to the brim...probably close to 60 people, and we were lucky enough to have the hands of about 10 adjusters! Lots of different kinds of music, different styles, different teachers. So much fun.

After an amazing massage, I am now loving the smells of my tasty tofu baking in the oven...I must go enjoy it!