Monday, August 17, 2009

PPA/PPM weekend!

What a great day...watching the start and finish of the Pikes Peak Marathon! It was pretty amazing having the opportunity to cheer on 1st place male and female, and many friends who have been training for this day for months. We positioned ourselves along the wall in front of the Miramont Castle and had a perfect view of the runners coming around the corner on Ruxton Ave. Jessica finished so strong...and honestly we were very thrilled to see no blood or dirt anywhere but her shoes, since it seemed 8 out of 10 runners that ran past us had fallen at some point during the race. Sunburned, tired and hungry, Dani and I stopped at the Spice of Life for a much needed sandwich-yummo!

A couple hours later, I was off to meet Heather (yes, of the famous 'Heather Eats Almond Butter') at my favorite, Core Power Yoga studio, for some flowing time! Monika was outstanding as usual...thank you! After the sweat session, we joined CD, John, Cindy, Mary Claire, Jonathan, and the Burrito at The Loop! Heather and CD are as real as them come...I really look forward to more time with them while they are here!

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