Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This weekend provided me with exactly what I needed... wandering in mountains and a chance to breathe.

It all started Sunday morning when Heather, Dani, Jess and I hike Mount Esther and the Garden of Eden up in Green Mountain Falls. I haven't "hiked", without the intent of running in I don't know how long. It was absolutely heaven to take in every sight, sound, smell, breeze the day had to offer without fighting to catch my breath and wondering how fast I was going. We had lots of great conversations and many laughs. We so enjoyed having Heather around and getting to know her. She has one more week here and then she and CD are back to Nashville. :( 3 and a half hours later we arrived back at Dani's house. Tired and sunburned, but in a different non-running-early-Sunday morning kind of way. A few glasses of water and then it was up to Woodland park for some Mexican food at Fiesta Mexicana! One (not small) margarita made us all ready for the deserved afternoon nap!

No true nap for me Sunday afternoon. I showered, packed and Chelsea and I ventured up to Florissant for an overnight tent camp! After setting up our tent (on our own, and a very well done job I might add), we headed back down to the local bar: The Thunderbird Inn...which is in fact not truly and Inn, but an establishment with a women's bathroom with no doors on the stall, but a clear view of the other restroom visitor through the sink mirror- classic. My second visit to the restroom this evening, I scared a woman half to death and basically made her fall into the toilet, bracing herself as best she could using the stall walls- nice Jillian. A few missing teeth and bar tricks by married men had run it's course and we were off to the campsite for yummy s'mores and a fire.

After sleeping in until 9:30am, and grabbing some coffee in town...Chelsea and I packed up our tent and drove up a little further on Hwy 24 and found a great dirt road by the river, perfect for a run before heading home. It was the perfect temperature out, clouds and no sun. We soaked in the unfamiliar scenery and 40 minutes just flew by.

A lunch stop at Joannies in Woodland Park filled our bellies and home was not too far from there. What an amazing time...loved every minute of it. Thanks friends, for making this weekend so fulfilling, and such a change of pace.


Jess said...

Loved being part of this day. These photos capture the beauty of the day - both place and people!

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend myself. I'm going to miss you my friend!!!! Please check out the race calendar in Nashville. ;)