Friday, February 6, 2009


This time next Friday, I will be sitting in DIA waiting to depart for Austin with my favorite gals:). I still plan on bringing my running clothes...whether or not I will actually be wearing them is still TBD. The IT/leg...whatever the crap it still winning the battle and preventing me from running over 2 miles. Last time I did, it got red, swollen, tight and hot to the touch. Arg. Oh well...i told myself from the beginning that the trip to Austin was going to be what it was going to be (race-wise)...and no matter what, will be an absolute great time:).

I know JT...I'm a wuss...blah blah blah...shut it.

Speaking of JT...according to his most recent blog...Austin weather forecast: high 66, low 42- partly cloudy, 10% chance of rain.

Let the countdown what possibly may actually be a true vacation.


brownie said...

Wuss. But with your experience in pouring beer, we can still use you.

You going to chickenshit bingo with us?

Katie's mom wants her dad to fly out from Wisconsin just to buy shoes at CRC.

brownie said...

You also have to jump into Barton Springs while you're there!

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Hey Jillian,
Sorry about the ITB problems. Sounds like you've got some major inflammation going on after your last run. I hope you have fun in Austin whether you get to run or not...such a cool city!

Mark and Emily said...

Oh Jill-I'm so sorry to hear about your leg STILL acting up! There's still time....maybe a miracle will happen?! Good luck!

Anton said...


I know everyone's probably giving you advice regarding the IT/knee, but, if you haven't considered doing so already, you should really head over to Champion Health (on Union, across the street to the east from the Velodrome in Memorial Park) and get an appointment with Jeff Matthews (or, whoever's available really, but Jeff has helped me a lot) for some ART. Nothing is magical, and I'm skeptical of most health care, but ART can really work sometimes. If you see Jeff, tell him hi for me and that I sent you.


brownie said...

Tony forgot to add "then run 200+ miles a week in your barefeet and you'll be fine."