Thursday, July 10, 2008

ummm, yeah.

So I guess I'm doing the Barr Trail Mountain Race this Sunday.  I guess I didn't get enough torture last Sunday...or maybe my brain blocked it out as the words "sure I'll do it" came out of my mouth. Who knows.  I do know that it's going to be a holy-hell-of-a early morning (race starts at 7am)... and when I finish (which hopefully will be under the 3 1/2 hr time cut-off...have to get this to get the freaking shirt!) I will be dirty, sweaty, hungry and totally wiped out.  When I asked my mom if she wanted to come over to Manitou to see the finish she said..."I don't want to see you exhausted and barfing!". I said "mom, I'm not going to be barfing...well, at least I hope not." The race starts at the Cog railroad...goes up 6 miles to Barr Camp...then back down...then the last 50 meters of the 12 mile race are up this freaking steep paved hill up to the Barr Trailhead parking lot...bugga! There are 6 women in my age group (20-24..400 racers total) I am hoping not to come in last out of the 6, but then again i haven't been training for this thing, and I decided to do it 6 days whatever, my expectations can't be too high right! See ya at the bottom folks. 


Megs said...

Oh my goodness! Seriously, you and Beth are coo-koo.

I hope you do awesome! I'd come and watch if I could actually see part of the race. The last part of the race is back up that hill? Oh my.

julie said...

Hi honey I just found how to send you a comment. I've been wanting to but didn't know how, surprise surprise since as you know I am all over technology of any kind. ha ha Anyway, I am so proud of you even though I'm not sure what I did raising you to make you be so driven!!! I'm sorry it was all my fault. I just don't know how to reverse it. Of course I will be there to give and receive a sweaty hug not to mention hold your hair back when you are barfing! (hope not!) Love you dearly always and in all ways!!!!! Mom