Saturday, July 5, 2008

cool beans...

So I've acquired a piece of new technology that is super neat.  It's the new Nike+ Sportband and we just started carrying it at the store.  It's exactly like the Nike+ Nano chip that's been out for a while, but you don't need a ipod nano to use it.  It's just the foot-pod chip and the black wrist band...which allows me to always see my running pace, distance, time and calories, during and after a workout.  You start by calibrating it to your walking and running step...and using your's so easy! However...because there is no heart rate monitor-ish piece to this deal, i'm not too sure how accurate the calorie count only takes in consideration weight and pace/mile. But for $60's toatlly worth it!

I ran this am before work down on the Greenway trail by CC...workout data from today's run is as follows...

Time: 52:35
Distance: 6.01 miles
Pace: 8:52 min mile
Calories: 612

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Megs said...

oh, I totally WANT one! I am glad to hear it is super sweet.