Monday, July 13, 2009


So a few things went right on Sunday morning at the Barr Trail Mountain Race...(slept well the night before, shaved off a few minutes on the ascent to Barr Camp)...and a few things went wrong...(didn't hydrate enough, resulting in cramping hammies and calves the entire way down). Even though I was huffing and puffing the whole way up...I was feeling in much better shape then last year and enjoying running/seeing friends on the trail. Whether it was running along side part of the way, or hearing my name shouted at split spots/aid stations...there's something special about doing a race surround by familiar faces.

After making the turn around up at Barr Camp, I was excited to start the favorite part of the race, the part at which I'm most confident. The first mile was great, footing was on track, breathing back to manageable. Then I felt it...the first hamstring twinge (one of 4) right before Bob's road on the first flatter section of the downhill. Since I've been running (races and training runs included), I've never dealt with a cramping situation. Crap, I thought. What is happening? Did I not hydrate enough? ...I drank at every aid station...Is my lower back causing this? Crap! Thank god Staci had convinced me that morning at o'dark thirty (5:30am) to put salt pills (something I've never used) in my shorts key pocket. I found a lady stretching against the tree and in my desperation asked her for a drink of water in fear I may totally cramp up before reaching the next aid station. I think she heard the panic in my voice and graciously handed me one of her water bottles. I honestly think those 3 pills got me to the finish of the race. From there until the finish line my hamstrings and right calf cramped a few more times and I basically stiff-leg ran the rest of the way. Tears welled a few times and I was nervous to think of a. what emotion would come when seeing all my friends and family at the bottom of Hydro Street waiting for me and b. what the body would do when it suddenly hit the asphalt and had to change direction to again uphill to the finish. My heart was filled as I came around the corner and there were all the faces, smiling and cheering me on. I hobbled up Hydo and crossed the line about 15 seconds faster than last year. Geez...what a race.

I sit here this am, stiff as all get out, happy to have done it, happy to have been a part of the day. Thanks to everyone who came and supported me!

On to Bday's! Yesterday was also Christy's birthday and we had a fabulous celebration at Amanda's Fonda! Margs, yummy food, and lots of laughter made for a totally fun time! A perfect way to end the day! :)


brownie said...

Great race! But can't believe you passed up margaritas at the Loop.

Megs said...

You did it! I am sorry you had the crampies though!