Saturday, June 20, 2009

a grand...

evening at The Loop and Manitou Arcade last night! :) So so much fun!

We started at The Derby with some intense horse racing...Megan and Jill basically dominated. Their ticket winnings would come in handy at a later time.

Next we hit up the air hockey table while Jill got serious at the Mr Pac Man game. When I approached her, she was slumped over the machine with her arms and head resting on the buttons...I think she had had enough.

A little Dance Revolution was next (I dominated Jill after 3 rounds...sorry Bradstein). Skeeball was our last stop before we "consolidated" our tickets to purchase this gem...
The Sisterhood of the traveling pirate waterbottle...
It's bring Jess, Jill, Megan, Chelsea, and Jillian luck in love, fun at our jobs, a smile, or simply- carrier of a beverage.

Thanks for the fun and laughs dear friends.

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