Tuesday, July 27, 2010


After an amazing weekend at Teacher Training... Monday called for a long run. Amber and I headed up to the Pikes Peak hwy at 7:15am with a plan of doing Elk Park (about half way up the highway) to Barr Camp (5.5mi) and then Barr Camp to the Summit (6mi) for some altitude training.  Elk Park is definitely in my top 5 Colorado trails.  Love it, period.

Once at Barr Camp, we knew we were in for a hawl to the top. I've only been to the top of Pikes Peak one time...two years ago doing the same Elk Park to the top workout. Surely I'm in better shape now, right? It sure didn't feel like it the first 20 minutes of slow-step, grandma-pace jogging. One more toe-grabber miss-step and I was going to scream. Well, I did actually, and a big ol' F-bomb came screeching out. Amber turned around and said "That isn't the I-hurt-myself-yell/cry". She was right, that was the I'm-pissed off-why am I doing this-I'm slow & never going to get there-scream. After a few short breaths, I informed Amber that we best get-a truckin' before the tears came. At this point, it really didn't help that Snuffalupagus (sp?- Amber's nick name for D-bag/I-have to catch up & pass those girls-but not going to say anything- clumsy guy we passed just above Barr Camp) came a strolling up on my heals.  Big, fat, arg. Amber paused as we needed to allow some space between Snuffs and ourselves...I could feel Amber's blood boiling.

After my mini-melt down, we collected ourselves and continued to try and find our happy place as we made our way up. After tree-line, we knew we had hit the point where every mile would feel like eternity.  Shortly after this, we ran into this couple, this guy was very inspiring and was exactly the break we needed. Ashely Nelson was also up there kicking butt and taking names (doing the dreadful 3-2-1 workout from the top)...and also making my hike up seem more like the stroll of a blind turtle stuck in mud.

I honestly don't remember much of the last 2 miles other than my head feeling loopy, just wanting to be done, hoping I didn't just step off the side into oblivion, and realizing why the top 10 finishers are usually the only ones running at this stage in the actual race.

Once at the top, I swear everyone (by this I mean tourists off the cog) was moving at a snails pace (or my pace the last few miles) wherever they were going in the Summit House. Seriously folks, I know there's lots of stimuli up there, but come on!  I ran into a teacher of mine from middle school: Ms. Breece...as well as a former classmate April.  Ms. Breece looked like she was having so much fun, and we got to visit with her while she was on her break. I don't know if I was a chatter box at this point...but there were some laughs.

All of a sudden, Amber and I were ready to be off that mountain. So, we headed to the parking lot to begin looking for a ride back down. It didn't take long, as the first car we waved at stopped and let us in. It was two women traveling from Oklahoma...all I really remember was: hoping they would offer us some white chocolate covered pretzels located in the back seat with us (which they didn't), them wondering why in the heck people race up this thing, and then sharing with us how hot it was in Oklahoma. Good times.

The ladies dropped us off back at the Jetta located at Elk Park...here, we so conveniently ran into Sean, who happened to have his camera- thanks Sean!  We are only smiling because we are donezo. Friends: note Amber's Carmex in her super cute arm sleeves (yes, from CRC)...see, I'm not the only one with a chapstick/lip issue while running!

As nausea set in on the way back into town, we knew we were beyond starving, and we had to FIND FOOD NOW. To Great Harvest we went...love me a huge sandwich! As we decided what we wanted to eat, while shoving free bread slices into our mouths, Amber apologized to the worker, "I'm sorry, I know you are asking me questions right now, but we just came off the mountain and I'm having major problems trying to give you answers." I was dying laughing. GH girl didn't seem so enthused. We did make a decision, and felt much more human after a little food to the brain.

I can laugh about this whole experience now...but why is it when you're in the moment, it feels so dang dramatic and that the world is ending? Thank you Pikes Peak. Thank you Amber, for putting up with me and seeing me through it!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

How much is it for two stitches instead of three?...

Well, this week sure has been interesting. Let's begin with Sunday: Barr Trail Mtn Race day! The weather was perfect, definitely not as hot as last year.  With friends located at every split and aid station, my motivation got a bump every mile and a half or so, which was so wonderful! Thanks guys! I made it up to Barr Camp about 6 min faster than last year which was exciting. I was so ready for the turnaround when it came. I felt prepared (after last years cramping/lack of salt intake incident) having consumed two gels and 5 salt tabs since the race had begun.  But then I got to Bob's Road...the location of last year's cramping incident...and it happened again! I began to feel the twinge in my right quad, just to the inside of my knee. Pulling, pulling...here it came. I pulled off at the aid station and took two more salt (endurolyte) pills with some Gatorade, hoping it was an electrolyte thing and not an injury thing. Let's just say this twinge/seize happened two more times before I finished the race.  I was basically having a conversation with my quad the entire way down, hoping to make it to the next aid station for some liquid. I favored it all the way, so my downhill run wasn't what I hoped it would be. When I reached the bottom of Hydro Street however, and I saw all of my family and friends cheering for me, suddenly my twinging quad and time goal suddenly didn't matter so much. There is really something about having support at a race like that, that just makes you feel so cared for. So I finished in 2:31, which was about 8 min faster than last year...also putting me 4th in my age group.  I so appreciate everyone that cheered, volunteered, brought minty mate':), gave hugs... it truly made the day so special.
On the way up to Barr Camp...
On the way back down...here I'm telling Dani & Beth: "My quad is very upset!"

Moving onto Tuesday morning...oh what a day. Shall I begin with a little visual?...
Scene: making my lunch for work Tues am at 7:30...I was very frustratingly trying to get this avocado pit out...it kept breaking into pieces, so I went to trash can and stuck the sharp edge through the pit and then...into my hand. Immediately I knew this wasn't good. I called John (who I was supposed to meet at the store at 8am), no answer, then Staci...she said she'd be right over. Even though there was blood on the floor...she said she was just glad to see me standing and not laying on the floor. My first request was that she help me put my shirt on. Yes, I was hot (surprise surprise) and preparing food in my bra and shorts. I had a feeling john would stop by after hearing my panicked/crying message...and sure enough he did! What a guy...don't worry I won't tell anyone John. Staci kindly took me to emergicare to get stitches...this being a very long process to actually get me there to get them. Seriously??...how much $$ for stitches!?? Ridiculous! The stitches are right on my wedding ring finger location...the cut partly on the palm side and partly on the back side. A wonderful location for a downdog, not really. Thank you Staci for seeing me through the whole thing... you really went above and beyond the friend requirements:). My facebook post for that day...

"I thought I learned my lesson last year... But yes, sharp knives work, they are sharp and if used incorrectly, will result in stitches. This ought to make yoga interesting:(. Lesson #2 of the day- no matter how hot it is...when preparing your lunch, make sure you have a shirt on just in case your friends have to come rescue you from a knife in the hand situation..."

To make the rest of the week not so wordy... Let's see, I cried the next two days (thus making three days in a row, which = my quota for the next two years)... something is wrong with the top of my foot (where the shin bends at the ankle joint)- owie... CRC is signing a lease for store #2 on Monday!!...found out that it's $1000 to get my AC fixed in my car (no- I didn't get it-boo), and I went to a friend's going away party at Shuga's, making it a reality that Moansie is actually leaving to open a CorePower Yoga in Berkley:(. 

Now, this morning I sit on my couch, icing my foot...and not running, taking a day off to let things rest. Amber and I plan on doing Elk Park to Barr Camp to the Summit tomorrow. First it's off to yoga Teacher Training today...so much fun...and then a going away party for Jimmy John at the Creperie in Manitou! Why is everyone leaving??....sadness. 

Off to my Sunday!  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


A big shout-out to Amber and Carla and their Women's Distance Festival finish today! It was Carla's first race ever! It was also pretty awesome seeing all of the women compete in today's race...as well as all of the guy volunteers in their "I love fast women" shirts. Barr Trail Mountain Race is tomorrow morning, so with a full sushi-baby-belly, I am off to bed early.


Barr Trail Mountain Race tomorrow morning!! So excited. Pics and race report to follow...
For today it's off to work, Teacher Training, and then yummy sushi with the fam:).

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Way behind...

So, I guess I haven't had that much free time lately. Or, in some respect, I may just be filling my free time up to the brim with activities?? Either way, life hasn't given me much opportunity in the blog/photo department these days. Training for the Pikes Peak Ascent, CPY teacher training, friends, family, work, oh yeah, and sometimes sleep; all have been what my days have been filled with. Races, weddings, and hot springs, are just a few of the fun things that are definitely blog-worthy, but I just haven't made the time to document them. Oh well, such as life ehh? A few shots for visuals...

Monday, July 5, 2010

PV in the words of Ms. Raab...

Words I've been meaning to put together the last few days, describing an amazing vacation. Awesome job Jess!

Friday, July 2, 2010

A preview...

Where to even begin when describing the fabulous week-long vaca I just shared with some amazing women. Wow, did we have an awesome time...and we came home yesterday, with some pretty hilarious memories! More on the details, but just a few shots to give you an idea...