Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ab cramp...

If you are of the female population, you most likely have a skinny picture. :) Yes, you know it well...that one photo that you run across (sometimes on purpose, sometimes not) that jumps out at you, slaps you in the face, and makes you feel like total crap about your current physical self. Well, those pictures slapped Maili and I so hard that we are now in a food and exercise boot camp. Consisting of...clean eating (as natural of foods as possible...eating for fuel), weights 4 days a week, and loads of cardio.  Oh yeah, and with this comes way-early wake up, no fun. We've made it 3 days...and we are alive. We are both looking forward to that 21st day when it is know to officially be a habit, and is supposed to not be as difficult. We shall see if this is really true. Today we did legs...which I haven't lifted in probably 4 months...and they quickly turned into jello. Romester and I have so much fun...we laugh a lot...even through the grunts of pain. :) We were doing abs at the end and the right side of my stomach (right next to the belly button) coiled up like it was just about to go into full cramp mode...owie.  Total weakness. Anywhoo...i'm scared of what my legs will feel like tomorrow. Let me just say that if anyone is thinking of starting back up exercising, eating right, or just hoping back on the heathy wagon...word of advice-find someone that will hop on board with you.  It's so much easier when you know someone is exactly where you are...suffering, sweating, depriving themselves of yummy food, waking up early...all of it.  Knowing you aren't alone is such an amazing feeling when it comes to working towards a goal.  More funny stories i'm sure are to come as Maili and I are pretty delirious in the mornings :).  Happy hump-day to all! 

Sunday, July 27, 2008

to pikes...

So today was so awesome, and so horrible, all in one. Micky, Beth, Jenni and I set out early this morning to do Elk Park to Barr Camp then up to the Summit. In the car we were all cracking up because Micky had brought us free doughnut coupons for the restaurant up at the Summit -I was joking saying that I needed to safty-pin my coupon to my shirt so that when they called search and rescue to help find me after I wandered off the trail...they'd know it was me thanks to the alert of the free doughnut flapping from my chest!

The 6 mile run from Elk Park (the 14mile marker on the pikes peak hwy) to Barr Camp was absolutely beautiful...soft ground, surrounded by shade and trees, wonderful smells, and mostly downhill with a few rolling.  After about an hour we arrived at Barr Camp.  Happily we enjoyed the quick break...bathrooms, sport beans, water...a nice time.  The calm before the storm was more like it.  I new it was 6.5 miles from Barr Camp to the top of Pikes Peak...but because I hadn't been up there before (even by car)...I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around the distance and the travel time.  So... 2 hrs and 30 minutes into this adventure (1 1/2 hrs after we had left Barr Camp)...I was about done. Mentally and physically in my mind that is. Once we had reached A-Frame (timberline)...all of a sudden I could see all the runners ahead, and way above me on the trail...this was no good for my mental status.  I was out of beans, sweaty, and ready to be done.  Micky was so encouraging...telling us how great we were doing, letting us know how hard or easy it would be up ahead.  About 2 miles from the top I started to hear this bird (or some type of crazy animal) chirping one time, really loud...and as soon as the echo of the sound disappeared, the dang thing would blare it out again.  It was like clock work, every time the sound faded, it did it again.  I couldn't believe it...In my mind I was thinking that the elevation and lack of oxygen made this poor thing go insane.  It was lost and all it had was the sound of it's own voice.  Soon after I had these thoughts I realized how annoying the sound was...and oh yeah and how annoyed I was that I was still walking- arg!! 

Here are some pics from today's adventure.  Even though it was super tough...I'm so glad that I did it...and so glad I got to do it with friends! 

Picture notes...
Notice how close the clouds are to my started raining right after that. 
The square plate on the rock, is a memorial for a woman that died at timberline, she was 88.
The guy in the yellow is our good friend Fred, he's 73 and a total stud.  He also does BTMR. :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Oh, last night was so fun! Maddy and I traveled up to Denver to watch my brother's band play ( A Novel Form)...and they killed it as usual! I get goosebumps every time I watch them...their sound is so unique and they sound so incredibly good live, it is unbelievable. Maddy and I had loads of laughs...good fun.

I am really nervous for the running adventure planned for tomorrow. I will be traveling to the top of pikes peak for the first time...and it will not be by car. I have lived here all my life! We will be parking at Elk Park...running to Barr Camp...and then up to the Summit. Yikes, Batman. Oh well...i know it will be an adventure...and i know i'll make it just may involve more walking then i would like, but oh well ehh?! I'm sure there will be more to blog about later on this one! :)

Off to get ready for work...on a 

Oh...and yesterday Maddy, Auntie Jeanne, my Mom and I went shopping...evidence in the pictures. Our mothers are so much alike in so many ways.  A few memories from the experience... neon skinny jeans, a drop in my mother's self-esteem as she tried on sunglasses, people half-dressed at the chapel hills mall. 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

alright, alright...

Since I promised someone I'd update this today...

I guess I haven't posted in a while because I feel like I haven't done anything worth writing about these days...OR, I've had deep thoughts about things, but have been too wiped out/lazy to blog about them.  Either way...neither worth bragging about! :)

The running shoes...
Since BTMR, workouts have continued in hopes of improving...strength, speed, endurance...all good stuff. It's funny...after going up to Barr Camp and down back to back weekends, my interpretation of a long workout/run has suddenly changed.  Maybe it's my brain attempting to have a stable transition into possibly training for a marathon. Hum...something to ponder about. Oh yeah...I did the Women's Distance Festival 5k race last Saturday...and it was oh...horrible! This was my first 5k race since I started running last June and that was pure, stinkin' hell in a hand-basket.  Trying to push as though it is a sprint race, instead of 3.1 miles long...made my calves tighten up so tight, that I just wanted to pop them with a needle! Yikes! Might be a long while until I do another 5k again. I walked away thinking I would've rather run 13.1! PS- it was great to be there with Meg...who is such a stud and got below her last 5k time...great job woman!! Love you!

The home front...
Romester and I are still having laughs everyday...loving the pugs...and about to start a hardcore 6 week lifting/workout program together! I'm so excited! It will bring us back to the place we first became friends- the gym! :) I'm so glad to get to spend this extra time with her...even though we will be grumpy in the morning...I'm sure we will have loads of laughs! 

Friends for life...
Margaritas are great. Period. Oh yeah...and they're exceptionally great at Amanda's Fonda, out on the patio by the river, and in good company of close friends. Favs...the Black & Gold, and the ever so tasty summer treat- the peach marg with salt and sugar on the rim.  Wow, getting into such details...this is sounding semi-alchie! 

Last night Meg, Dana, Maili and I enjoyed yummy josh & johns ice cream outside on the bench! It was great just to sit and visit, and breathe in the summer evening air! :)

Ok...I have a goal of updating more often...and I am serious this time:).

Monday, July 14, 2008

barr trail mountain race...6 miles up pikes peak and back down

After being persuaded 6 days prior to the race (by my boss), and only having been up to Barr Camp one time (the Sunday before) outlook on this race was simple; just finish this beast under 3 hrs 30 minutes so I can get the finishers t-shirt. But of course, having an athlete's mentality all my life- I woke up with butterflies thinking "maybe i'll try to get under 3 hrs." 

I picked up Beth at 5:30am...put on our super sweet 70's shades we purchased for $4 the night before- and we were on our way to compete in a race that is thought of to be: super competitive, a real trail-runner's race and a bloody battle. The race was capped at 400 runners because of the size of the trail. I learned this to be a good thing as the first 30 min or so up the W's (beginning zigzags of the trail- often the hardest part of the race) was super tight! After more walking than I had hoped...i finally made it up to Barr Camp around 1 hr 45 min. I decided that I needed to take advantage of this next part of the race-use the legs that are familiar to the quick turnover and try and bust it on the downhill! About 10 minutes from the finish I was cruising along a switchback with the brown, wood railing on my left...A guy and girl (who i think was injured by the look of her limp-walk) were walking down the center of a thin section of the trail.  They looked back and heard/saw that I was coming at them fast.  They both moved over to the right and tried to creep up the side of the dirt to give me room.  Right as I passed the girl, she slid down the side where she had pulled off and bumped right into me as I sped by her...knocking me smack into the railing.  My shoulder banged against the railing and slid...throwing me off balance. I didn't fall down but it scared me half to death...and made my already pumping heart rate speed up even faster! Arg! The girl yelled she was sorry about 3 times as I collected myself and took off yet again. 

53 minutes after turning around at Barr Camp...and 2hrs 40 minutes after the gun went off at the Cog, I found myself crossing the finish line at the top of Hydro Street...finally! Ironically- after hoping to finish in time to get a t-shirt, I ended up finishing first in my age group (20-24). My age group is definitely the least competitive...but it was encouraging, and makes me even more inspired and motivated to improve for next year! My Mom and Ken were there at the was so great to see their faces after such a tough race! I raced and celebrated after with a bunch of amazing customers/people from the store...made the event that much more fun!

Today I am more sore and stiff then I can remember being since college- holy crap. 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ummm, yeah.

So I guess I'm doing the Barr Trail Mountain Race this Sunday.  I guess I didn't get enough torture last Sunday...or maybe my brain blocked it out as the words "sure I'll do it" came out of my mouth. Who knows.  I do know that it's going to be a holy-hell-of-a early morning (race starts at 7am)... and when I finish (which hopefully will be under the 3 1/2 hr time cut-off...have to get this to get the freaking shirt!) I will be dirty, sweaty, hungry and totally wiped out.  When I asked my mom if she wanted to come over to Manitou to see the finish she said..."I don't want to see you exhausted and barfing!". I said "mom, I'm not going to be barfing...well, at least I hope not." The race starts at the Cog railroad...goes up 6 miles to Barr Camp...then back down...then the last 50 meters of the 12 mile race are up this freaking steep paved hill up to the Barr Trailhead parking lot...bugga! There are 6 women in my age group (20-24..400 racers total) I am hoping not to come in last out of the 6, but then again i haven't been training for this thing, and I decided to do it 6 days whatever, my expectations can't be too high right! See ya at the bottom folks. 

Sunday, July 6, 2008

holy barr camp batman...

Ran/hiked up to Barr Camp today for the first time! It was ridiculously hard...but so awesome!

Beth is training for the Pikes Peak Accent and is running in the Barr Trail Mountain Race this coming Sunday (from Cog 6miles up to Barr Camp and back down-12 miles total) she's gone up to Barr Camp the past 4 or 5 Sundays. I've been wanting to go up there for a long time and as she's been talking about it recently- I decided to finally bite the bullet. I was so excited to attempt this beast...and happy to be going up with such great company! 

Didn't start off so good as when we got to the start of Barr, I realized I had forgotten my ipod music!!...For this long of a deal...not good. Oh well I thought...a true runner doesn't need music...I'll just enjoy the beautiful scenery in which I am surrounded. Well, that lasted about 15 minutes as I found myself annoyed by the continual sound of my panting breath. It was overcast with minimal sun (with the exception of the last 15 or so minutes on our way down) the lack of heat I think really helped.  There were some super steep parts of the trail and I was quite annoyed at the amount of walking had to do...but once I accepted the fact, I was content jogging when I could. About 2 miles from Barr brain went to a different place. I didn't feel like I was going to pass out or anything...I just felt like I really had to pay attention to what I was doing or I might just run off the side of the trail...I blame the lack of oxygen to the brain...oh, and a little fatigue too:). It took me about 2hrs 15 min to get to Barr Camp (about 7 miles from Soda Springs Park in Manitou where we started), that was long.  There were loads of people up there...a pit stop for their hike up to Pikes Peak.  It's so neat up there...a little log cabin...bathrooms, a stream & bridge...and lots of camping spots. All of these things just appear after miles of just mountain trail. After a bathroom break, water for Zena (Beth's german shepard- who continually checked on me the entire way up and down), and sport beans for Beth and I...we were on our way down. 

So the way down was interesting. This was the first time I felt such a pain in my lower extremities. I mean it wasn't a "oh, my legs are tired and wobbly" was more like "holy crap, my legs are screaming at me and will they just buckle on this next step?" I was wishing the turn-off to the back side of Barr was on every switchback...when will it be here I much longer can I stay standing? Once we finally got to the bottom of Barr, while Zena got some much needed water, Beth and I took our shoes and socks off and stuck our swollen, dirty feet in the cool stream.  Ahhh...felt so good! A short jog from the cog back down to Soda Springs Park and we were finished! It was, holy crap, a long work out...but so amazing and i'm glad I did it! Can't wait to tackle it again. Thanks for the support today are so sweet and encouraging:).

Here is a map of what we did today...crazy to imagine! It's also a map of the Barr Trail Mnt Race that Beth will be racing next Sunday.  
Above and to the right is a pick of the Barr Camp neat!

Below is another pic of Barr's at 10,200 feet! 

Here is the data from the Nike+ Sportband today. Because I calibrated the thing on flat concrete...I don't really trust some of the stats as my stride is WAY shortened going that uphill...but oh well...I'll just guesstimate! 

Total run/hike time - 3:30 min 
To Barr Camp- 2:14 min
From Barr Camp back down to Soda Spgs- 1:16 min

Distance- 8.02 miles (prob more like 7)
Pace- 16:49 min mile (prob more like 18 min mile)

Distance- 8.23 miles (again, prob more like 7)
Pace- 9:12 min mile (prob close to reality...stride back down was various lengths)

Total Cals burned....I'm guessing 20,000...:). Pancakes afterwards never tasted so good...however, keeping my eyes open to get them to my mouth was quite the task. 

Saturday, July 5, 2008

cool beans...

So I've acquired a piece of new technology that is super neat.  It's the new Nike+ Sportband and we just started carrying it at the store.  It's exactly like the Nike+ Nano chip that's been out for a while, but you don't need a ipod nano to use it.  It's just the foot-pod chip and the black wrist band...which allows me to always see my running pace, distance, time and calories, during and after a workout.  You start by calibrating it to your walking and running step...and using your's so easy! However...because there is no heart rate monitor-ish piece to this deal, i'm not too sure how accurate the calorie count only takes in consideration weight and pace/mile. But for $60's toatlly worth it!

I ran this am before work down on the Greenway trail by CC...workout data from today's run is as follows...

Time: 52:35
Distance: 6.01 miles
Pace: 8:52 min mile
Calories: 612

Friday, July 4, 2008

great week...

Fun times this week...accomplishments too!:) Staci and I busted out our best Incline times ever on weds am (46:18 and 36:32!) It was a beautiful morning up there we were just thrilled. 

Thursday was a great day...Beth and I carpooled to work as we found ourselves with the exact same schedule all day! Work...Barr workout...Margs at Amanda's...a fun day! Nothing beats laughs, outdoor patio lights and marg's with great friends.